To apply, please send an email with your resume to

Other duties may be assigned from time to time. Changes to job duties may be necessary in future in order to respond
to current business needs.

Job Description

This position is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

1. Customer Invoicing and Account Management

  • Customer set up, management, etc.
  • Timely customer billing; entering bills into the system
  • Appropriate descriptions and terms on invoices
  • Mange and refine templates, revenue codes, etc.
  • Familiarization and use of customer portals and processes as appropriate
  • Prepare statutory declarations, etc.

2. Vendor Invoices/payables

  • Vendor, subcontractor set up, management etc.
  • Timely entry of vendor invoices, ensure invoices match POs/work orders
  • Manage payables, pay vendors
  • Complete owner expense reports, process expenses, manage and pay credit cards

3. Receivables

  • Work with sales and service teams to establish terms
  • Manage accounts receivables, follow up with customers for payment as required, oversee receivables
  • Set up customers for EFT payments, manage e-transfers
  • Collect and process payments

4. Payroll and Tax Submissions

  • Track and manage payroll, including vacation, statutory holiday, taxable benefits and other deductions
  • Calculate and process CRA submissions and payments, WSIB, FRO, other
  • Prepare annual T4s and Records of Employment as required
  • All employees to get emails of paystubs
  • Manage timesheets, process
  • Track commissions and payments
  • Quarterly HST filing and payment
  • Prepare annual tax submission documentation, work with accounting firm to finalize year end statements
    and filing

5. Reporting and Analysis

  • Prepare weekly sales reporting, monthly and annual financial reporting
  • Track and report on job profitability
  • Inventory tracking (high level)
  • Truck costs
  • Revenue and cost analysis

6. Cashflow/Banking

  • Manage bank accounts, cashflow
  • Complete Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Set up direct deposit to vendors as appropriate
  • Prioritize and manage vendor payables
  • Optimize monthly costs, assess and monitor plans
  • Book loan payments, interest charges, bank fees, etc.
  • Issue cheques, payments
  • prepare and complete bank deposits

7. Reception, Office and Administration Management

  • Supervision of office assistant to complete various administration activities and receivables
  • Office and Security
    o Manage supplies and admin/office vendors, optimizing costs/value (e.g. after-hours service,
    cleaning, supplies)
    o Phone coverage, alignment with Mike and Ian
    o Keys, alarms
    o Keep computers and office equipment running, manage IT vendors and costs
    o Oversee security of premises; manage alarm system and vendor
    o Manage lease and property management vendors
    o Maintain access to Quickbooks
    o Keep all information and records confidential
  • Employee Support
    o Manage and monitor shell, home depot, and other credit cards
    o Develop and maintain policies
  • Admin
    o Manage commercial and truck insurance
    o Order marketing and other materials
    o Manage vendors and contracts, provide WSIB certificates
    o Records/document management