If you require commercial renovations in your plant or office, McKee-Horrigan Inc’s contractors can help.

Any size job from minor renovations or repairs to a major rebuild or relocation, whatever the job may be, whether it’s masonry, steel, drywall, T-Bar, flooring, doors, docks, or motors, you can count on us to get the job done.

Construction Services

New Door Openings

Are your current doors simply not cutting it? McKee-Horrigan Inc. offers wall cutting, steel channel framing, and full l-beam lintels to construct new door openings for your business. Whether your walls are interior or exterior, crafted from wood, steel, or block, we are able to accommodate any and all of your needs.

Don’t work around the wrong door locations any longer – be proactive to make your business as productive as possible.

New Dock Pits

Every dock begins with a dock pit. The procedure of creating a dock pit starts with cutting and excavating, then forming and pouring concrete. This task requires specialized knowledge and years of experience. Even the smallest mistake can lead to long lasting problems for your business.




Block Wall Repair

A block wall needs to be sturdy, tenacious, and up to any challenge. However, even the most durable wall will undergo damage on an industrial site. The wear and tear of daily operations, as well as gradual damage from the forces of nature, cause the wall to slowly decay.

Concrete Forming

While we’re all familiar with concrete, few people know the demands and safety requirements of this material. Concrete crane foundations and machine bases must be engineered and re-enforced to ensure that employees are safe on the site.

McKee-Horrigan Inc. follows the proper safety specifications to make sure that your structures are efficient and safe. Our range of services also includes concrete ramps and general repairs.


McKee-Horrigan Inc. has years of experience in new builds, renovations, and wall repairs in office, other commercial, and industrial structures.

If you’re looking at industrial renovations and need these services, we have you covered. We’re just a phone call away, and we can give you a free quotation or provide you with some technical direction. Give McKee-Horrigan Inc. a call, we’re available to have an in depth conversation as to your wants and needs.


Metal construction projects are complex. In the wrong hands, there are dozens of things that can go wrong, and the consequences can be disastrous. However, metal frames and construction are an absolutely necessary part of renovations and construction.

McKee-Horrigan is experienced in complex metal construction projects, including buildings, additions, roofing systems, and structural steel. We’re involved in the process from the very first step all the way to the end.

Contact us today with your inquiry or to obtain a free estimate, you will hear back from one of our experts.