Commercial & Industrial Doors

With 24×7 emergency service, Mckee-Horrigan is your full-service supplier for all your industrial and commercial needs for overhead, automatic, and man doors; dock levelers; and security and access.
We also provide preventative maintenance programs (PM programs) to keep you up and running and reduce your costs due to emergency repairs and downtime.

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24×7 Emergency Service

Mckee-Horrigan is at your service to react to your emergency needs with our team of fully trained and certified technicians to repair or provide maintenance on your garage doors.

Overhead Doors

Mckee-Horrigan supplies pre-finished, insulated steel doors that are designed from the ground up to be durable, strong, and reliable.

We offer varying thicknesses and differing insulation values, depending on your needs. Our ranges include, but are not limited to, R9 and R18. Non-insulated doors are also available, providing a low cost and convenient option for non-heated buildings, sheds, and other situations where energy costs aren’t a concern.

Our range of rolling doors come in galvanized finish, prime paint, or finished standard colours depending on your preferences. High speed doors are crafted from fabric or vinyl, in many different colours and window designs. Additionally, there are different opening mechanisms available for you to choose from, with both manual and automated options. Types of doors we provide include:

Sectional Doors - Mckee Horrigan Inc. Mississauga

Sectional Doors

Sectional Aluminum Doors- Mckee Horrigan Inc. Mississauga

Sectional Aluminum Doors

Rolling Steel Doors

Roll up Shutters

High Speed Doors - Mckee Horrigan Inc. Mississauga

High Speed Doors

Townhouse garage doors- Mckee Horrigan Inc. Mississauga

High Speed Doors

Man Doors

Man or “pass through” access doors provide convenience for access without having to open garage doors.
Many advantages exist:

  • They ensure that the contents of your garage are not exposed to people passing by when opening
  • They save life cycles on your garage door opener and on your garage door springs as they will be used less frequently generating less wear and tear
  • In the event of a power failure, you can enter or exit the garage through the man door
  • Having a pass-through door installed within your garage door conserves heat in the winter as you will be opening a smaller door for less amount of time
  • There are also security features you can apply to your man-door to ensure your safety and the safety of others at all times

Dock Levelers and Equipment

Mckee Horrigan delivers a complete line of industry leading dock equipment, with an extensive range of Dock Safety products. Sale and efficient loading dock equipment is essential to a productive work environment. We install and repair dock levelers, bumpers, truck restraint systems, dock seals/shelters, safety barriers, reflective guides, wheel chocks, strip curtains, bollards and more.

Automatic Doors

We can help you make your business more accessible and therefore, more profitable, thanks to our selection of automatic doors. You can find a selection ranging from Barrier Free (for those with disabilities) to high speed/high cycle doors that travel at 48” per second. If you’re worried about such a door getting stuck, you can rest assured that entrapment prevention devices will reverse them if an obstruction occurs. If you need to make a more “inviting” entrance, automatic doors are the place to start.

Security and Access

Door safety is a huge priority. Motorized door systems need to be monitored and regularly inspected and maintained by experts in order to ensure the safety of all workers. Mckee Horrigan partners with suppliers to provide innovative and safety-driven overhead door solutions to help eliminate accidents and provide safe, effective door functionality.

Making your business more accessible can provide a significant advantage. We have multiple options to choose from depending on your requirements; including aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, and more.

Loop Detectors and Air Hoses

Loop detectors (installed under the pavement) and air hoses, give a signal to open or close the door

Sectional Aluminum Doors

Motion sensors are an alternative to loop sensors for opening and closing your garage doors

Residential garage door- Mckee Horrigan Inc. Mississauga

Safety Photo Eyes and Light Curtains

Photo eyes and light curtains keep you safe around your garage door. They cause the door to automatically stop or reverse if anyone or anything is in the path of the door.

Garage-Door-Repair - Mckee Horrigan Inc. Mississauga

Sensing Edges

A sensing edge is touch sensitive and sends a signal to start, stop, or reverse the overhead door’s motion or even ring a bell. On motorized doors, the sensing edge typically replaces the weather-seal.

Air curtain - Mckee Horrigan Inc. Mississauga

Air Curtains

Air curtains inhibit air, dust, smoke, insects and odors from entering or leaving through openings while permitting unrestricted entry and exit. They seal in air conditioning and seal out hot air. The opposite is true during cold or winter weather. The average pay back period from energy savings alone is approximately one year.
Air curtains and doors permit safe entry and exit to personnel and vehicles by providing full visibility through the doorway opening.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative or planned maintenance (PM) programs are an imperative part of your commercial businesses’ Safety Compliance program. It works to reduce emergency repair services, minimize unexpected costs, and ensure the safety of your workers & customers.

We use proprietary maintenance software to barcode each door/dock and develop a planned maintenance and safety compliance program designed specifically for your commercial establishment

Certified & experienced Technicians are guided by the comprehensive knowledge-base of our software, with quick access to the manufacturers’ maintenance standards and practices. Your doors will receive the right PM work, to the right standards, at the right intervals

Safety compliance. Our software specifically addresses safety devices and accessories, and is designed to meet Occupational Health & Safety standards, reduce safety liability, and fit easily into your Safety Program. Benefits allow you to:

  • Minimize door life cycle costs: Regular planned maintenance increases the lifespan of your doors, hardware, and operating equipment while minimizing unexpected breakdowns, unplanned repair expenses, and your business’ downtime/productivity.

  • Comply with OHSA law: All Ontario employers have a legal responsibility for safety in their workplace as defined in Part III 25(1)(b) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act which requires equipment to be maintained in good condition, and Part III 25 (2)(h) which requires employers take every precaution reasonable to protect workers.

  • Reduce inconvenience to residents
  • Reduce liability

Maintenance & Repair

McKee-Horrigan Inc. is at your service to react to your emergency needs with our team of fully trained and certified technicians to repair or provide maintenance on your garage doors. Our vehicles are stocked with common repair parts and specialized tools to save you time and money by getting your job completed as soon as possible with minimum disruption to your business or household. We have a large inventory of parts and equipment at our shop to get the job done.

  • Springs & Cables

  • Damaged Panels
  • Damaged Slats
  • Dock Plates
  • Dock Seals & Bumpers
  • Maintenance

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